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DIY Bird Box

It’s not to do with foraging, but I had a couple of hours spare this morning, and thanks to a tweet from @_BTO (The British Trust for Ornithology) reminding me about bird boxes; I found an old spare plank, got my tools out, et voila! A Bird Box.

Thanks to the BTO for my Bird Box

Thanks to the BTO website for simpering instructions .

Completed Bird Box on the floor  Newly hung Bird Box

Now hopefully our old willow tree might be home to some Blue or Great Tits at some point.

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A Video about Crow Garlic

My first crow garlic video, please bear with me and I’m sure I’ll get better with practice.

A short talk about foraging for Crow Garlic, how to recognise it, and how to bring it home and use it. Including looking for the dark-olive colour and height/stiffness of the blades (compared to grass), looking for the bulbs, recognising the smell from crushing the blades, or from bringing the plant into a sheltered area

Crow Garlic video - link to further information

Crow Garlic


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