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Litter in the coutryside rant

Some of you already know how I feel about litter in our beautiful countryside, so this litter rant won’t come as too much of a surprise to you. I went out for a quick walk in the Lee Valley Park this lunchtime and the litter was appalling.

It was only a short walk, out and back; So on the way out I saw all the litter and when I turned around I decided I’d do something about it. As I’ve said in the past, the new addition to my kit is a bin bag, so out it came.

Within twenty minutes, my bag was half full. Discarded gloves, cans, bottles, crisp packets, energy bar wrappers, and finally… Bags of dog mess! Really? You can be bothered putting it in a bag, but you can’t be bothered taking it to one of the many bins provided? Also, all of this was collected from within a foot of the path; I didn’t even have to stray very far for any of this.

Litter rant. Collected from a 20 minute walk in the Lee Valley

Litter rant. Collected from a 20 minute walk in the Lee Valley

I spoke to a Lee Valley ranger who happened to be in the car park, and apparently they have considered litter bins; But unfortunately this leads to overflowing bins which they can’t keep up with.

Litter rant proposal

My proposal would be that if everyone who visits collects 2 pieces of litter while they’re there, it’ll soon all be under control. What do you think?

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Growing Trees with the Woodland Trust

Earlier this week, my free tree seeds from the Woodland Trust arrived. So I got up early this morning and starting growing trees.

I can’t wait to see the results.

Growing trees from seeds with the Woodland Trust

Growing trees from seeds with the Woodland Trust

Woodland Trust tree varieties

Apparently, the seeds include Rowan, Dog Rose, Alder Buckthorn and Holly. Although there did seem to be a lot of seeds. I may have been unwittingly planting debris that came in the packet! At least I can be sure I didn’t miss any seeds.

More information about trees and planting can be found at the Woodland Trust website.

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