About Gavin – Wild Food Forager

This site is the ramblings and thoughts of me, Gavin Ireland, wild food forager; As I go through my journey to improve and consolidate my foraging skills, and identification of other plants, trees and wildlife; and as I pass on what I know as a foraging instructor with www.totallywilduk.co.uk .

About Me – The Wild Food Forager

I served in the British Army for 10 years which is where my interest in what you can and can’t eat was first piqued, from survival training. So while I was always loved being outdoors, I’ve been doing foraging, field-craft and survival type stuff for over 27 years, on-and-off. I’m an ‘outdoors’ person, stuck in an office from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, so I’m making the most of my spare time walking, and foraging.

I’m an Ethno-botany enthusiast, and as well as the edible plants I can find in the wild, I’m also interested in the medical applications of our wild plants. Also, when I say wild, that includes everything from my garden, through the alleyways, to roadsides, field verges, hedgerows and anywhere else accessible to the public or with permission. it’s sometimes quite surprising how much of this stuff is on your doorstep.

I’m now a foraging instructor with www.totallywild.co.uk, teaching foraging across the Greater London area.

Please Don’t Forget

Please don’t forget that these are just my musings, before you go picking wild plants and things, do all the research you need to first. Most importantly, if you can’t be 100% sure what it is, leave it alone.

Gavin Ireland - Wild Food Forager

Gavin Ireland – Wild Food Forager

My Day Job (for now?)

As well as all this outdoors stuff, I’m also currently a professional Technical Author, Knowledge Manager, Technical Trainer and a published Fiction Author I’m thinking that this should make me suitably experienced to write about my experiences and share it with you.